On-site Interpreting That Makes a World of Difference

TransFluenci provides experienced on-site language interpreters for hospitals, attorneys, schools, state agencies, hospices, case management companies and human service agencies, among others. We have seasoned interpreters for all major languages and thoroughly understand and abide by confidentiality laws. Equally important, our interpreters are experts in the technical language of many fields, including medical, legal, pharmaceutical, finance and technology.

Research by The Joint Commission, the nonprofit that evaluates and accredits U.S. health care facilities, shows that a lack of sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural and language needs in health care settings impacts quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. When working in hospitals and clinics, we strive to provide patients and families with accurate interpreting services that truly make a difference in the outcome of care.

Providing interpreters in these settings makes good business sense, insures proper care and reduces liability.

Our carefully trained interpreters have extensive experience working in these settings:

Medical - On Site Interpreters

  • Acute Care Hospitals & Behavioral Health Hospitals
  • Diabetic Teaching
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Obtaining Informed Consent
  • Family Conferences
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Procedures


  • Depositions
  • Statements Under Oath
  • Court Proceedings
  • Pre-Trial Hearings
  • Mediation
  • Workers Compensation


  • Parent/Teacher Meetings
  • In person IEP (Individual Educational Plan) Reviews

State Agencies - Massachusetts & Connecticut State Vendor

  • Disability Hearings for Mass Rehab Commission
  • Disability Hearings for Social Security Connecticut
  • Division of Unemployment Assistance Hearings
  • Department of Social Services Home Visits

Case Management

  • On-Site Interpreters Provided

Human Services

  • On-Site Interpreters Provided
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